Courses & Tracks

My To-Do List

The My To-do List displays information on the homepage detailing how many courses have been recently assigned to you, as well as how many courses are currently in progress, but have not yet been completed. For a more detailed view of specifically which courses have recently been assigned and which courses remain incomplete, see My Dashboard.


The Catalog initially presents topics in a grid format, classified by Tracks. To drill down to a particular course, click the View Courses button for a list of courses found in that Track.

Alternatively, you may select the View Courses button for the Full Catalog at the bottom of the grid to see a complete list of all Tracks and courses available to you in a list format.

The Catalog doubles as a personal progress report which self-updates as courses are completed. As each course in a Track is completed, each respective completion icon changes to a checked box. Once every course in a Track is complete, the Track's completion icon itself becomes a checked box.

Searching for Courses

Courses may be searched for within the Catalog by typing all or part of the course name into the Seach courses box at the top of any screen.

In the list view of the Catalog, courses may be found by searching all or part of the course title, or the track that they belong to. Simply type the search query into the box below the navigation bar, then select from the list whether the term(s) should be searched within the Full Catalog, or within any of the Tracks assigned to you (which are also found in the grid view of the Catalog).

My Transcript

My Transcript is useful for determining which courses are completed, and which courses carry continuing education credits. Additionally, shortcuts ot certificates documenting earned CEUs may be obtained here.

Additionally, the entire transcript of all completed courses may be printed or saved from this page by clicking the Print/Save a copy of this transcript button at the top of the page:

My Dashboard

My Dashboard presents a list of links to courses categorized in the following three sections: In Progress, Recently Added, and Not Started.

In Progress

The In Progress section lists links to the courses you have partial completion in, but have not yet fully satisfied all of the requirements for completing and obtaining a certificate (along with any applicable Continuing Education credits).

Recently Added

The list of Recently Added courses displays a list of links to courses that have been assigned within the past 90 days. Courses in the Recently Added section have not been started, and will move to the In Progress section if they are started, but not completed.

Not Started

The Not Started section lists courses that have been assigned to you for more than 90 days and have not been attempted. Courses from the Recently Added section will move to Not Started if they have not been attempted after 90 days of being assigned.

Exempt Employee

Exempt Employees have the ability to enroll themselves in courses without needing a manager to the assign the course to them. You can search through the Catalog to find the course(s) to be enrolled in. After clicking on the course link you will be given a list of the courses in the track with the Enroll button at the bottom of the list.

After clicking Enroll you will be taken to the course page. In the Catalog the track the course is in will now show you as being enrolled in the courses.

Activity Completion

Completion Icons

Completion icons appear on the course topic, next to the course itself. Before beginning a course, the completion icon displays as an empty check box:

Upon successful completion of a course, the completion icon displays as a checked box:

Quiz completion requires a score of 80% or higher. The number of attempts for quizzes is now tracked and reported on to management.

Completion Status

These icons may also appear in various places to convey different stages of completion.

Completion Icon Meaning


Completion Certificates

When a course is complete, the course certificate becomes available for download or print at the bottom of the course page. Certain courses are accredited with CME, AHIMA or AAPC credits. When applicable, certificates for CME credit are also available.

Continuing Education Certificates may also be obtained from the My Transcript page in the certificate column for any courses carrying Continuing Education Credit. See the section above related to My Transcript.